Don’t be depressed, you are not alone….


Are you feeling that you are worthless?? Becoming a Sad and hopeless person from a fun loving person?? Or feeling lonely for some time or a long time?? Then you may be suffering from depression. It is a condition that prevents you from enjoying your own life. Don’t be afraid you are not alone; more than 50 million people in India also face the same problem. India becomes the home of one of the largest number of depressed people in the world.


Many people or it is better to say all most all of us think that depression is just a bad mood or some bad days. Taking it in a casual way we think that it is a common for today’s generation that almost everyone have in their lives. Everyone has this problem a little bit or much more, so if I have the same it’s quite normal or…

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13 thoughts on “Don’t be depressed, you are not alone….

      1. Yes, people should talk about it.. The Problem is people are not comfortable to talk about as they either don’t trust the person with whom they want to share or they feel shy..

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