Stop!!! Suicide Can Not Be An Option…


There are times in life when we might feel totally, hopeless, helpless, overwhelmed with emotional pain.  It can seem like there is no other way out of our problems, we’ve run out of ideas, possible solutions.  Our problems seem not fixable.  The pain feels like it will never end. We believe we’ve run out of options, and suicide is the only answer left.


For some people, suicide may be a way of getting back at others, or showing them how much pain you’re in.  But after suicide, you won’t be there to see that they feel guilty, or finally understand your pain. Maybe the suicidal thoughts come to mind, you might have mixed feelings about them.  They’re frightening and confusing.

If you or people you know have suicidal thoughts in your mind; you’re not alone.  Many of us have had suicidal thoughts at some point in our lives. About

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10 thoughts on “Stop!!! Suicide Can Not Be An Option…

  1. This my take on this. The soul is inmortal and taking your own life is a big karmic no no.. you will have bare the fruits of it .

    Our throughts can drive us mad and we need courage with our thoughts and where we feel pressure is coming from.

    We need to do activities to relieve that pressure.. meditation, listening to positive stuff and try to implement in life and journal speak to people..

    No way is taking your life an way..

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    1. Thanks for reading my blog post thoughtsnlifeblog…. I agree with you… We don’t have the authority to take any life, even our own life also… Thanks again for sharing your opinion… 🙂

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