Fairness Products Are Creating Racism In Indian Society…


“Does your daughter have a Fair complexion??

This is what every Indian girl’s parents are asked especially before her wedding.

If any girl has a very fair complexion people ask her, “What cream or beauty products do you apply to look fair?”

These are the questions with which every Indian girl is familiar with. For a few minutes we can’t understand how to react?  Because we are confused about Was that a compliment or not? Should we suppose to thank for it or argue on such a racist comment and that too in a public place?

iStock_000007089669MediumZ.jpgSince my childhood I have been watching fairness cream advertisements. I remember I saw an advertisement which featured a college girl who had lost her confidence because of her dark complexion. She gained it back when her friend advised her to use the fairness cream of that brand.

Suddenly a question popped up in my…

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13 thoughts on “Fairness Products Are Creating Racism In Indian Society…

    1. Thanks for reading my blog post Brenda… yes, all skin colours are beautiful… Skin is just the outer layer of our body… Everyone should be judged by their inner beauty and soul… 🙂

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